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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning, Land Acquisition and Land Assembly

Paul Hunt Investments Ltd is well equipped to pinpoint development opportunities utilising the latest technology and good old fashioned legwork. Then, by combining our understanding of current policies pertinent to the area, with the socioeconomic landscape we are able to establish deficiencies and future demands.

In providing a solution to a client requirement, we blend sound planning knowledge with commercial awareness to arrive at a realistic and deliverable opportunity which may include residential or commercial development.

As part of our comprehensive suite of planning services all of the necessary negotiations are undertaken as well as completion of all of the requisite supporting documentation that will be required for inclusion with any planning submission. In the event of the application being turned down, we are well versed in the Appeals process and will demonstrate the tenacity that we are known for.

Our relationships with the Local Authorities that we come into contact with on a very regular basis is founded on mutual respect. The plethora of policies that emanate from Central Government is bewildering and often appear to be at odds with itself. Under these circumstances it is hardly surprising that an ill-considered approach will meet with stiff resistance. .

It is entirely possible that we will fund all the work required for a planning application and, if necessary, an appeal for a development proposal under a joint venture agreement.

Although we don’t take on every client in this way, given the right set of circumstances, the client need not fund any 3rd party speculative costs until the planning is granted.


What our clients say about us…

Paul Hunt Group - Strategic Planning

“I met Paul Hunt and his team in 2010 as a result of a recommendation. It was very apparent that they knew everything there was to know about Planning and that they would not leave any stone unturned.  They were realistic about the Planning process, and at no stage did they ever give me false promises.
Their Commercial Terms seemed very fair, with the Hunt Group taking the majority of the risk, which underlined their confidence, and experience.
The Hunt Group were successful with the Appeal and were also instrumental in maximising the value of my site. Since the first Phase, we have been successful with Phase 2, and are onto Phase 3.
I would have no hesitation in recommending The Hunt Group as Planning Consultants.”

Paul Gardner
West Hill, Devon

Paul Hunt Group - Strategic Planning

“To whom it may concern.
I have worked with Paul Hunt on the develpment of some of my family land in Surrey. I have found his approach to planning to be helpful, well judged and diligent. I would recommend him to others.”

The Rt. Hon.
The Lord Hamilton of Epsom




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